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Poster: Visual16 Date: Oct 23, 2007 5:28am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Nero 7 and 'Winamp 3' questions -- in particular, making DVD's

Hi there! Too bad Nero isn't working. An ISO file is sort of an exact "photograph" of what's on a disk in the same order in which it occurs. There's single and dual-layer DVD's and the only way to tell which type the original is is to put it into the DVD drive of your computer and see if the total is around 4 gigs, or more, like around 8 gigs total (in the "Video" folder which is on every DVD). The files are always broken into slightly more than 1 gig portions, so you can count them to see what kind of blank you need - (up to 4.3 gigs is single layer and up to 8.? is a dual layer blank.)

But you use Nero to "create an ISO file" or picture of the disk on your hard drive for quick accurate burning. I think that Nero uses its own type of ISO which is called an .nrg file. Either way, once it's read onto the HD, you reopen Nero and open the image file (.nrg or .iso) and burn it onto a blank of correct spec.

The approx. 1 gig files in the video folder are (by standard) MPEG-2 files, and usually with AC-3 audio mixed onto the file. To put them on, the portions would have to be combined into a continuous file or be broken down song by song and usually the sound is converted to "MP2" which is easier to edit. Hope all that is some help.